Latest Projects

ESPN World Cup 2018 →

(Hired by the UK company GFM clevergames to deliver the full front-end engine)

We have been creating the fantasy and predictor type games for clevergames since 2009. The clients include ESPN, UEFA, Telegraph and many other leading broadcasters, media companies and rights owners in Europe and worldwide.

We updated our work on the front-end engine to the new version and used it to deliver the ESPN World Cup 2018 predictor game! The new engine continues to be very flexible, easy to work with and effective in delivering dynamic games across multiple platforms.

Swisscom to Movu Service →

(April 2016: Hired by the Swiss company Entypo to deliver the full stack development)

Swisscom to Movu service

Work on Swisscom portal relocation forms and integration with moving services.

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Web Back-end

Implementing solutions using: PHP, JAVA, .Net and NodeJS. Frameworks we are using include: Symfony 2, Zend 2, Spring, Dropwizard, .Net MVC 5/6, ExpressJS, etc.

Web Front-end

Delivering UX and responsive/adaptive solutions with HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Frameworks include: jQuery, Bootstrap, Foundation, AngularJS, ReactJS, etc.


Delivering native and hybrid applications for iOS and Android devices. We recommend React Native as our first choice.

Branding, UI and Graphic Design

Our development process is complemented with the highest quality graphics design. Our designs are used by MSN, ESPN, UEFA, The Daily Mirror, Bild and many other notable companies worldwide.

Our proven and well-experienced design department delivers corporate identity, UI elements and custom graphic designs for both digital and print media following the best practices and the latest trends. The delivered assets are suitable for the cross-platform use and portability.

The design process can start based on your business idea guidelines or with any mockups that you may already have. As part of the process we will also investigate and suggest the accompanying stock photos.

Our Process

Our proven development process will get you from the business idea to realisation in no time!



  • Business Specification
  • Functional Specification
  • Architecture
  • Prototyping


  • Graphic Design
  • Code Development
  • Content Supply
  • Documentation

Quality Assurance

  • Verification
  • Reviewing
  • Beta Testing
  • Optimisation

Life Cycle

  • Publishing
  • Maintenance
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing

About Us

Scripttic’s managers are experienced and proven developers. These skills ensure that the process is maintained expertly and efficiently.

The core team consists of 10 development and design seniors. In addition, we work tightly with our selected and reliable associates so we can quickly scale the team to accommodate your demands.

Željko Ćurčić

Manager, Web Developer

Ivan Marjanović

Manager, Web Developer

Aleksandar Krajnalić

Manager, Web Developer


I have been working with the scripttic team members since 2010. They are very professional and easy to work with. We are happy to have their top-notch quality web development and design services. Their reliability is essential for us as we deliver to the demanding clients such as MSN, ESPN, UEFA and various other large media companies.

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