Subotica Business Run

May 30, 2023|

TEAM BUILDING We came, worked, ran, took photos and had a great time! On the May 25 Palić Lake was a gathering place for colleagues from the Scripttic team and colleagues from the Dutch team, from the company Keephub. As a unique team, we participated in the Serbia Business Run in Subotica and won the 23rd team place in the 5 km race! We were won over by Palić, the positive energy and team spirit that prevailed among the gathered [...]

Every success is important

March 1, 2023|

One of our youngest colleagues, Ilija Vilimonović, graduated today from the High School of Electrical Engineering and obtained the title of Professional engineer in electrical engineering and computer science. Ilija joined our #scripttic team as an intern in September 2022 and for three months he gained knowledge and improved in the field of frontend development. He used the knowledge and skills he acquired during his internship in the creation of his graduation thesis, for the creation of an endless [...]

Students successfully completed a three-month internship at Scripttic

December 31, 2022|

The end of the year in the #scriptic team also marks the end of the first three-month paid internship that we organized for 10 IT students. With the support of our main mentor Ivan Marjanovic and colleagues who skilfully jumped in to help whenever needed, a team of 10 young people successfully created a functional chat application. Five students were trained in the field of Backend development, learning and applying NodeJS technology, while the other five were trained in the [...]

Project: Dubai World Records

December 1, 2019|

In 2019 we were helping Procter & Gamble to beat one more Guinness World Record! This time it was a number of persons that took a pledge and you can read all about it here. Our task was to create the software for recording the pledges and a featured website for the online album. We went to Dubai and Abu Dhabi to deploy the app to 10 of the largest malls and to oversee the installation of the stands where people will be [...]

Team building: River Cruise

August 9, 2019|

It was our favourite team-building event for this summer! This stylish river cruise with our guests will likely to be mentioned a few more times in the coming months. Under a pleasant afternoon sun, we took a 2-hour ride down Sava and Danube (Dunav) by a luxury yacht and sailed into the harbour of the best fish restaurant that you can find in Belgrade. “Konoba kod Goce i Renata” did not disappoint and along with the fantastic perch and sea-bass [...]

Project revealed: iCardiologist™

August 5, 2019|

Finally, we are able to reveal one of our top-secret projects! We have been developing software for HeartBeam Inc., an US ( Silicon Valley) based company. The HeartBeam team has, in collaboration with us, developed a breakthrough portable medical device that “successfully tackles heart attack”. In the words of our client: “HeartBeam’s iCardiologist™ is an entirely new mHealth product offering real-time detection of heart attack (as well arrhythmias, including the Afib).” This achievement is now public news as the company [...]

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