One of our youngest colleagues, Ilija Vilimonović, graduated today from the High School of Electrical Engineering and obtained the title of Professional engineer in electrical engineering and computer science. Ilija joined our #scripttic team as an intern in September 2022 and for three months he gained knowledge and improved in the field of frontend development. He used the knowledge and skills he acquired during his internship in the creation of his graduation thesis, for the creation of an endless racing game.

The game is intended for use on a computer. The game was made using the Java Script language and contains various elements. The game is designed to have no end, but the obstacles are getting faster as time goes by. There is the possibility of collecting coins and special power-ups. The map on which the player is located consists of elements that are randomly generated, creating a path with obstacles. The player is animated with special animations that have the functionality of jumping to avoid the obstacle that is located in front of the character in the game.

After successfully completing his internship and graduation, Ilija became a permanent member of our team and is currently employed as a Junior Frontend Developer.


We are proud of Ilija, we are happy that he is part of our #scripttic team and we look forward to all the projects in which Ilija’s contribution will be seen!