The end of the year in the #scriptic team also marks the end of the first three-month paid internship that we organized for 10 IT students. With the support of our main mentor Ivan Marjanovic and colleagues who skilfully jumped in to help whenever needed, a team of 10 young people successfully created a functional chat application.

Five students were trained in the field of Backend development, learning and applying NodeJS technology, while the other five were trained in the field of Frontend development, learning and applying ReactJS technology. Our practitioners are final year students and come from different faculties, from the IT field.

While developing their programming skills, these hardworking people also learned how to work in a team and together with other team members to create solutions and solve problems that arise during the work on the project. It’s surprising how quickly they fit into the team, the atmosphere and the way of working. They also showed good cooperation, collegiality and willingness to help other colleagues.

The organization of the practice for three months, where we tried to dedicate ourselves to each of the practitioners as much as possible, gave excellent results on both sides. Scripttic became richer for the entire junior team, and during this time the young colleagues gained significant knowledge and skills in the field of development and, what is even more important, gained new acquaintances and friendships.